Stuck in sf_message.c

What error is this? and how can I resolve this?

I'm stuck at this point in sf_message.c , If you want more detail let me know.

thanks in advance.

  • Hello dear dip, 

    Your application uses using Message framework, that provides some functions for intercommunication between different frameworks and threads, and it works in a publish-subscribe scheme. (very similar to RTOS queue)

    There are two major factors here you might need to consider, the part of the code that is causing the problem is a general receive message task. and might involved in very different tasks and peripherals in your code.

    Long story short, there's a task or framework in your application, (like Audio framework, external flash framework) which are set to communicate with each other through Message framework, the sender uses 'SF_MESSAGE_POST()' and the receiver thread invokes 'SF_MESSAGE_PEND()', then according to timeout 'wait_option' argument in the 'SF_MESSAGE_PEND()' function by the receiver it will wait till new message arrival!

    Now, you're facing a problem for either two reasons:

    1-The message (data) sender thread or task isn't providing the new data (because of various reasons)

    2-The Subscriber task which receives the data using 'SF_MESSAGE_PEND()' wait_timeout is set to a large value and the application waits here till new data is sent by the publisher task! 

    To investigate the exact reason you need to trace the application and see where is invoking the 'SF_MESSAGE_PEND()' or 'g_sf_message.p_api->pend()' function, and check the 'wait_option' argument there.

    The link below contains a complete explanation of the Message framework.

    If you need further information, please share the used frameworks and components, and the messaging tab in the synergy configurator. 

    I hope you find that useful. 

    Best regards. 

    If this response or any other user's response answers your concern, kindly verify the answer. Thank you!

    Renesas Engineering Community Moderator

  • hey Hossein thanks for your help.

    my Error is solved now.

    there was a little mistake in my message code due to which this error was coming. the subscriber pend thing was the problem.

    thanks again.