GUIX project resolution too large when running on Windows

Hi everyone.

I am developing a Guix based project for an embedded solution, but I would like to be able to distribute a version to the client on Windows for them to play around with and give feedback on. The target screen resolution is 720x1280, which is unfortunately taller than the 1080 resolution of the majority of monitors we and the client are using, so the app does not fit on the screen and cannot be used. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions for dealing with this problem?

I see three possible solutions, either enabling some sort of super sampling on Windows when running the app, a modified windows display driver so the app has a lower resolution, or enabling a scroll bar within the app. Adding a second display to the project just for the winodws version would be impractical at this stage. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for dealing with this issue?

Many thanks,


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