I have an issue where the automated code generated by the Synergy framework as part of the configuration.xml does not include BSP headers from the S5D9 package in the compile path.  The compile error appears in sf_block_media_qspi.c where teh system tries create a new defined object referencing BSP_PRV_QSPI_DEVICE_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS.

BSP_PRV_QSPI_DEVICE_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS is defined in the bsp_qspi.h header file (/synergy/board/s5d9_pk) is not recognized by the system. 

Comparing to an old v1.7.0 project, it appears that the bsp_qspi.h is included in the compile path through the 'synergy_cfg/ssp_cfg/bsp' folder,

but the new 2.5.0 framework does not include the header path in the 'bsp_board_cfg.h' header file.  So, nothing is pointing to the BSP header files that would include the headers in the compile path.

All BSP folders are already included in the Cross Assembler, Compiler, and Linker includes. I've also tried several ways of adding it thorough other paths, but the compiler never picks it up. Any suggestions would be helpful.