Ethernet Flash Boot Loader

Hi guys,

I just started to build an app on PE-HMI1 (SSP 1.2.1).

I want know if there are some example of BootLoader work on ethernet like the old RX62N/RX63N ( )

Somebody knows something already implemented.

Thank you.

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  • Hello Karol,

    In our project we are using an external QSPI flash to store a lot of graphical resources generated from GUIX. Now we are using and S7 processor but the idea is to use an S5 with limited internal flash memory. The point is that I am afraid that we will not have enough space in the internal memory to store the new downloaded program before saving it to the "primary flash sector". How can we solve this issue? Is it possible to store it in the QSPI memory and then flash it? (part of the code to the internal flash and part (GUIX resources) to the external QSPI). I do not really know how to focus this issue.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello Imanol,

    This is a question another thread, but this is certainly possible. Currently GUIX is only capable of generating resources with "const" argument, which by default are placed in the code flash memory. My colleagues have developed a script that parses GUIX-generated resource file and adds necessary "section" attributes to certain elements, in order to push as much data into the QSPI flash as possible. The Python script is included with the following application: . Upon generating an SREC image, you'll need to use some third party utility (such as srec_cat) to split QSPI content from code flash. File with code flash data should be fed into the "MOT Converter" to generate a bootloader-friendly BSH file. SREC with QSPI data should be converted to binary using objcopy (from arm-none-eabi). QSPI can be programmed from binary file easily using QSPI driver in combination with FileX. Programming code flash from BCH is demonstrated in the bootloader project I referenced earlier.

  • How can i implement the same with using the UART as you did with the USB!!

    I want to implement the single slot Bootloader with downloader as you did but with the UART !

    Can you please help me for the same !!! thank you