Bus Tutorials (I2C,SPI,UART,USB) for the S5D9 IOT Fast Prototyping Kit

Hi everyone,

I have developed 10 lessons that show how to configure popular buses for the S5D9 IOT starter kit.   Each lesson has a document that shows the hardware setup and the bus driver configurations.   


The above link goes to my blog page.   There will be more information there regarding what are needed to start your lessons.


Tutorial Example List


1. Lesson 1a I2C with riic driver - Grove B port

2. Lesson 1b I2C with sci driver - Grove A port

3. Lesson 1c I2C with riic framework (RTOS) - Grove B port

4. Lesson 1d I2C with sci framework (RTOS) - Grove A port

5. Lesson 2a SPI with rspi framework (RTOS) - PMOD port

6. Lesson 2b SPI with sci framework (RTOS) - PMOD port

7. Lesson 3a UART with sci driver - Grove A port

8. Lesson 3b UART with sci framework (RTOS) - Grove A port

9. Lesson 4a USBX with usbx framework (RTOS) - USB port

10. Lesson 4b USBX with usbx framework (RTOS) and floating printf support - USB port


This pictures of the S5D9 board show the bus port (Grove and PMOD headers) that will be used in the lessons.


Have fun!

Michael Li (A member of the IOT community)