Can i Write in the R8C/24 controller ROM?

I had used R8C/25 and implementing the Data Flash area to read and write my calibrated Multiplying Factors.I can use any time the Data Flash area of R8c/25 but in R8C/24 there is NO Data Flash.

I want to store my calibrated Multiplying Factors in my R8C/24 Micro Controller.

I am using 32KB ROM version of R8C/24 Group.

My code size is 15KB. So Can i use the remaing memory(17KB) to store my calibarated multiplying factors which are about 100Bytes.

My calibrated data are written one time only when calibrated in our organization after that no need to modify/rewrite them.

But calibration is done after i download my code/program in the microcontroller.

So can i use the total 32KB in two section. One is for my code/program and Second during calibration process ????

Is it possible???

If YES than how can i do it??

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