DMA access using SCI.UART in RA4M1 series controller.

Hi All,


I am trying to use DMA with UART in RA4M1 series controller, in a custom board. FSP v1.1.0.

I got few questions...

1. Can we use DMA along with SCI.UART?

I have tried to transfer a set of characters, likewise "Hello" through DMA.

I have assigned SCI9.TDR address as destination address for DMA.

Mode : Normal

Transfer Size : 1

Number of Transfers : 5

I have used a callback, to indicate end of DMA transfer. But I didn't get any callback in here.

Then i've tried transfering only one character. 

Mode : Normal

Transfer Size : 1

Number of Transfers : 1.

This time callback is generated.

What's happening in here? Why no DMA callback in case of 5 transfer and why at one transfer? 

I havent found any success while using other modes of DMA.

Bottom line : can we use DMA with uart in RA4M1 series controller?