RA4M1 , SPI with DMA


I search a small example for SPI Master and DMA transfer.

So that I can receive e.g. 15 bytes with DMA and get a transfer end interrupt/callback when it is finished.

Thanks in advanced !

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  • FSP4.0 supports DTC and DMAC transfer interface in the driver

     Add the r_spi driver to your project

    Add the DMAC transfer driver to the stack:

  • Hello . As mentioned by Richard, the latest release of FSP added support for SPI with DMAC. 

    And if you are looking for SPI with DTC, the example code named "r_sci_spi" uses DTC by default. Please check that out here:



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  • Now I use the 4.0 and there is DMAC supported. But I don't get a SPI DMA transmission to work. here my HAL_ENTRY :

    void hal_entry(void)

    unsigned char txByte[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};
    unsigned char rxByte[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

    /* Initialize SPI driver */
    g_spi_master.p_api->open (&g_spi_master_ctrl, &g_spi_master_cfg);
    /* Initialize SPI TX DMAC driver */
    g_transferSPI0_tx_cfg.p_info->p_dest = (void*)&R_SPI0->SPDR ;
    g_transferSPI0_tx_cfg.p_info->p_src = (void*)&txByte ;
    g_transferSPI0_tx_cfg.p_info->length = 10;
    /* Initialize SPI RX DMAC driver */
    g_transferSPI0_rx_cfg.p_info->p_dest = (void*)&rxByte ;
    g_transferSPI0_rx_cfg.p_info->p_src = (void*)&R_SPI0->SPDR ;

    g_transferSPI0_tx.p_api->open(&g_transferSPI0_tx_ctrl , &g_transferSPI0_tx_cfg);
    g_transferSPI0_rx.p_api->open(&g_transferSPI0_rx_ctrl , &g_transferSPI0_rx_cfg);


    while(1) {



    and here my settings :

    I can't see a SPI transfer on the Pins on my board. How I start the transmission with DMAC for e.g. 10 bytes ?

    What is wrong or missing ?

    Thanks in advanced