RA4M2: CAN Fire pending message when call R_CAN_Open

Hi, I'm focussing a issue releted to R_CAN_Open function. This is the schenario:

  • R_CAN_Open(...) with FIFO tx setup
  • R_CAN_Write and R_CAN_Read, all work fine.
  • May happen that i need to use R_CAN_Close probably while there is same messages in fifotx to be send
  • when the firmware call again R_CAN_Open the peripheral immediatelly the messages pending are send to the field.

I think this is not correct. After Close and Open I think the fifo should be empty.

The workaround that i find is to do this:


I'm using FSP versione 3.7.1, I check also 3.8.0 but seems there aren't big changing related to this issue.

Thanks Massimo

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