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RA6M4 - Azure RTOS Bsd socket - FSP 3.8.0 - socket connect problem


For your information,

I found a problem in the bsd socket connect function in file "nx_tcp_client_socket_connect.c"

I'm using a non blocking socket

When i want to connect my socket to a tcp server, the "connect" function always returns "NX_IN_PROGRESS"

But in the connect function in file "nxd_bsd", it's waiting "NX_SUCCESS" only

I compared the file "nx_tcp_client_socket_connect.c" between SSP synergy and FSP for RA and found a difference.

This code is missing in Fsp :

    /* Determine if the connection is complete.  This can only happen in a connection
       between ports on the same IP instance.  */
    if (socket_ptr -> nx_tcp_socket_state == NX_TCP_ESTABLISHED)

        /* Release the protection.  */
        tx_mutex_put(&(ip_ptr -> nx_ip_protection));

        /* Return a successful status.  */

I think the Synergy code is good.



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