RA6M2 pcdc operation mode file.


I am using pcdc mode and I can not locate the r_usb_pcdc_apl_config.h file. The reason for finding this file is that I want to change the USB_PCDC operation mode from ECHO_MODE to UART_MODE so that I can complete my project.

There is one more query is that, how can I sense and manage the usb hmsc mode and usb pcdc mode. I tried using it by sensing the VBUS and in this the default mode is hmsc mode and once I open the freertos_fat I can not close it if it is not connected, if I do it get crash.

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  • Hi,

    I have checked that and now it is working. My second question was that I wanted to operate in both CDC mode and host mode. I am sensing the MCU VBUS pin by controlling the MCU VBUSEN pin. While doing so, I open CDC mode and host FAT-RTOS mode, and once open, I can't close it, so I'm stuck with the open mode and have to reset it.  Please let me know how I can control this.

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