MISO Causes Meaningless Pulse

I have a problem. The miso side of the communication line create a meaningless pulse. Functions that should not work are triggered because of this signal. You can see it in the circle in the picture below. I need your help.

  • Hi mehmetcennetkusu,

    Thanks for reaching out to Renesas Engineering Community.

    Could you share some details about your application ? Is RA2E1 device functioning as master or slave ? Also some of your code/FSP configurations would be helpful.



  • Hi There, 

    My colleague (AZ_Renesas) let me know that you are not able to post any comments and you are reaching out to him via DM. 

    We are checking internally why you are not allowed to post any reply. 

    In the meantime, I would suggest logging in with your Renesas account and submitting a ticket on the "Submit a ticket" form.