How to fix some code to specific section

Dear forum:

I want to fix some code to specific section for software update control.

When software update is finished, set the code to "complete".

So I have to fixe the code to specific section.

I do the following try.

1.  In  fsp.scat, I add the following code. 

LOAD_REGION_BOOT_JUDGE1 0x0000FF08 0x00000008

2. in my soft, I add the following code.

#pragma section="boot_judge1"
const unsigned char boot_judge1[8] = "Complete";

3. I confirm the map file by compiled.

    Load Region LOAD_REGION_BOOT_JUDGE1 (Base: 0x0000ff08, Size: 0x00000000, Max: 0x00000008, ABSOLUTE)

    Execution Region BOOT_JUDGE1 (Exec base: 0x0000ff08, Load base: 0x0000ff08, Size: 0x00000000, Max: 0xffffffff, ABSOLUTE, FIXED)

    **** No section assigned to this execution region ****


why the boot_judge1 is not assigned to section: LOAD_REGION_BOOT_JUDGE1 

I want to fix the boot_judge1 to section:LOAD_REGION_BOOT_JUDGE1 , how to do it.

Is there some sample code for reference ?

Many Thanks.