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A model translated with CMSIS_INT8 output format option shows abnormal inference outputs on EK-RA6M3 board


I trained a MNIST model (.h5) in TensorFlow and converted it to int8 quantized model (mnist_quant.tflite) by TFLite converter. Following shows the converted model.

To run the model on EK-RA6M3 board, I translated it by using e-AI translator V2.3.0 plugged in e^2 studio V22.10.0. When the quantized model was translated with the C_INT8 output format option of e-AI translator, the translated model made correct predictions. Following is the prediction result in which each row shows softmax output [1,10] in response to MNIST image array from 0 to 9.

However, in case of the CMSIS_INT8 output format option, the translated model showed abnormal outputs as in the following.

For reference, the following is the dnn_compute function generated by C_INT8 output format option.

The following shows the case with CMSIS_INT8 option.

Could you (some Renesas engineers) check out the e-AI translation with the CMSIS_INT8 output option? 


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