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IO port config - pin as an analog input pin


I am using Renesas RA6M4 with FSP lib (fsp-3.8.0) and having ADC up and running properly in ADC_MODE_SINGLE_SCAN with ADC_TRIGGER_SOFTWARE.

My question is - why is an ADC conversion working fine when having according IO pin in reset/default configuration (PSEL[4:0] 00000b -> (value after reset Hi-Z).

Although IO pin config with

IOPORT_CFG_ANALOG_ENABLE         = 0x00008000, ///< Enables pin to operate as an analog pin

for the pin has never been called - ADC is working properly.
I am confused why ASEL bit does not need to be set to operate properly as an analog input pin.

Do I have to set ASEL bit to 1 to comply with specifications.

Hope you can help me with this issue.

Best regards

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