SDRAM initialization problem?


I want to use a 32Mb SDRAM to redirect the frame buffer of the GUIX graphic controller on it.
To do this I have validated the External BUS in 16bits SDRAM mode, (this will be the only component that will use this external bus).
The SDCLKout is On (120MHz).

To validate the SDRAM operation, I created a section "MySectionSDRAM" in the fsp.ld file, and created an array in this section:

When I write in this table, I always read back 0.

So I must have forgotten a step for SDRAM initialization, but I can't find an example.

I don't see where I can check or change the timings if necessary?

I use e2studio 2021-04 with FSP 3.1.0

Thanks for your help,

Eric F

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