EmWin 7" GT911 CTP Driver Problem

Hello everybody. Using emwin AppWizard with RA6M3 processor, I can successfully run and display my 7" screen. I want to use GT911 as a touchscreen, but there is a problem. External touch interrupt keeps interrupting and I cannot receive touch data. If you want to examine, I attach the project.


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  • Hello again, I am working on a new method for GT911 touch sensing. I am trying to understand whether it is touched by measuring the frequency of the pulses coming from the touch panel with the Timer Input Capture method. But there is a problem. I am using RTOS in my project and switching between threads is not as fast as I want. So I mean, Input Capture doesn't work fast. It has to count 32 bytes counter. Without RTOS it drops to Timer interrupt very quickly, but with RTOS it drops to Timer interrupt too late. Is there any way to speed up this method? I'm attaching the project if you want to review it.


  • Hello,

    Please take a look on the attached example on input capture that measures a pulse time.

    I do not think that input capture can be faster than this. After the capture interrupt occurs, it retrieves GPT information and performs one multiplication and one division. 




    Thank you for your answer. It's already running through this example. But the frequency of interrupting when measuring the pulse duration varies for the two cases.

    When RTOS is not used, it enters Input Capture Interrupt continuously and quickly.

    When RTOS is used, Input Capture Interrupts slower. The time between two interrupts increases.

    If you look at the example I have attached, you will understand what I mean.