RA6M4 Azure RTOS nxd_bsd.c raw socket


I am trying to use raw socket on nxd_bsd.c, but running into some errors. I can't find the function for _nx_driver_hardware_packet_received_callback and _nx_driver_hardware_packet_send.

Please can someone help me locate where these functions are?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hello Victor,

    Thanks for reaching out Renesas Engineering Community!

    Could you please give us more information about your application?

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,


  • Hello,

    The application is implementing EtherNet/IP protocol on RA6m4 using BSD addon. EtherNet/IP protocol requires LLDP to pass certification. To support LLDP, I think I need to use raw socket. To use raw socket I need to define it in nxd_bsd.h.

    When I define this, it enables some codes in nxd_bsd.h and nxd_bsd.c. I do have error message on the code below.

    I don't know where _nx_driver_hardware_packet_send and _nx_driver_hardware_packet_received_callback are defined. I have looked in every file in netxduo folder with no success.

    On ST github, I see they have _nx_driver_hardware_packet_send defined in https://github.com/STMicroelectronics/x-cube-azrtos-h7/blob/33d13302a3d58ec4c86091a6e81185996f3f75c8/Middlewares/ST/netxduo/common/drivers/nx_stm32_eth_driver.c. It looks like we are missing some RA driver files.

    Please, I need help locating the files.



  • Hello Victor,

    When using Azure RTOS NetX Duo BSD Support stack with all the necessary configuration a folder named BSD in location ra/microsoft/azure-rtos/netxduo/addons/BSD is generated which includes two files nx_bsd.c and nx_bsd.h file. If you will search on these files you will see that: 

    _nx_driver_hardware_packet_received_callback = _nx_bsd_hardware_packet_received;
    #endif /* NX_BSD_RAW_SUPPORT */

    in function bsd_initialize() at line 431.

    The implementation of _nx_bsd_hardware_packet_received() function starts from line 12865.

    Regarding function _nx_driver_hardware_packet_send() ,in the same file nx_bsd.c you will find out that this function is called by function _nx_bsd_hardware_internal_sendto(). The implementation of _nx_bsd_hardware_internal_sendto() starts at line 12681.

    What kind of error message are you getting on your code?

    Hope it helps!
    Best Regards,


  • Hello IK,

    Thanks for looking into this for me. Your explanation is correct, but the I am having is undefined reference on both _nx_driver_hardware_packet_received_callback and _nx_driver_hardware_packet_send(). 

    _nx_driver_hardware_packet_received_callback error

    _nx_driver_hardware_packet_send() error

    I can not find where these two are defined. Please can you help tell me where they are defined?

    Thanks very much for spending your time to look at this.


  • Hello all,

    Please, I am still looking for solution for this. If anyone has any suggestion, please let me know.



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