Azure Netx Duo Telnet Client stops receiving packages


Currently I use the EK-RA6M3 board with the Azure RTOS ThreadX and Azure RTOS NetX Duo Telnet Client to connect with an Telnet Server and to receive messages from it. 

This works, but after 6 messages (sent with an interval of 1 sec.), the Client doesn't seems to receive any new messages any more.

I checked the server side and I'am pretty sure that it is still sending messages to the client. Also when I connect with laptop+RealTerm instead of the EK-RA6M3 board, I received messages without any interuption or what ever...

My first thoughts were a buffer or queue what is getting full and it doesn't take any message any more but I tried many "increase-size" actions of buffers, but without any success...

I'm really have no idea what the issue is, and I hope someone could point me in a direction to search..

I use the E2 studio with the FSP v3.8.0 package configurator. 

If more information is needed, please let me know!

Thanks for any comments in advance!



  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for reaching out to Renesas Engineering Communities.

    Does your code hang anywhere after no more messages are received ?


  • Hello,

    No, my code doesn't hang; after posting this topic, I found out that I run out of packet pool items.. I'm not sure yet why or how the packet pool works, but the current number of packets (16 = default set by the configurator) is not sufficient. Even increasing it to 32 is stopping the receiving part after 23 messages.

    Do you have any experiences how to configure the packet pool and/or how to make sure that packets keep being available?

    I use packet_release API to release packets after beginning used and allocate new packets when required.

    Thank you!



  • Hello,

    Just a minute ago, I was able to fix the issue. I was not aware that the nx_telnet_client_packet_receive function is also allocating a packet from the pool; so in the previous situation I had nx_packet_allocate and nx_telnet_client_packet_receive in a loop which was doing the packet allocation appearently twice.. With only one packet_release (in the loop) this was slowly running out of available packets..

    Now I have only the nx_telnet_client_packet_receive and packet_release in the loop and the available packets is stabile.

    Thanks anyway for the quick support!



  • Thanks for sharing the solution Frank.