I want to know why I can't get into the interrupt handler. [R7FA6E10F - SCI0 - Smart Card Interface]

I am new to R7FA6E10F. I am developing a program to communicate with a smartcard via SCI0 interface,
It works fine until I start receiving the ATR (0x3B, ...) values sent by the smartcard into the RDR register,
sci_smartcard_rxi_isr() doesn't seem to be called.

When I check the ICU Interrupt, it comes up as Pending, but the breakpoint is not working inside sci_smartcard_rxi_isr().

I'm wondering if there are any other settings I need to make besides the ones I attached.

We share the details in the article below. Thanks


  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting your question online.

    You do not need to add any interrupts manually on Interrupts tab or use the ICU in order to enable the UART interrupts. Just select the interrupts that you want on FSP configuration alongside with their priority. Every time one of these interrupts occur, the user defined callback function is called:

    Please let us know if you have further questions on this issue.


  • Hi. Thanks for the quick response. The answer you gave seems to be the interrupt setting when using UART. I want to use SCI0 as Smart Card Interface mode. Can you tell me how to set interrupt in SCI0 Smart Card Interface mode? Thank you.

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