I want to know why I can't get into the interrupt handler. [R7FA6E10F - SCI0 - Smart Card Interface]

I am new to R7FA6E10F. I am developing a program to communicate with a smartcard via SCI0 interface,
It works fine until I start receiving the ATR (0x3B, ...) values sent by the smartcard into the RDR register,
sci_smartcard_rxi_isr() doesn't seem to be called.

When I check the ICU Interrupt, it comes up as Pending, but the breakpoint is not working inside sci_smartcard_rxi_isr().

I'm wondering if there are any other settings I need to make besides the ones I attached.

We share the details in the article below. Thanks


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  • Yes, I made a debugging mistake. Specifically, I had set a breakpoint in another part of the code that operates before the smartcard's ATR response, and I was unaware of this condition and kept looking for a reason why the smartcard's interrupt handler was not breaking. Your first answer, entering the interrupt handler in UART mode, was the hint I needed to find my mistake. I've been struggling with this for about 3 days, so thanks for your help.

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