conflict problem on the can bus


I am currently working on a project that involves multiple boards communicating with each other via the CAN BUS. However, I have noticed that there are often communication conflicts between the modules and the central unit that manages communication.

More specifically, I have noticed that some modules are unable to send their messages to the central unit, which can cause problems in the overall system operation. I have carried out several checks on the wiring and transmission rates, but I have not been able to find the source of the problem.

I am convinced that this problem is related to the CAN BUS protocol, but I don't know how to solve it. If you have encountered a similar problem or have skills in the area of CAN BUS, I would be grateful for your advice and recommendations.

I am also open to any suggestions regarding debugging or troubleshooting practices in this field. I believe that together we can solve this problem and improve the operation of our system.

Thank you .

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  • CANbus is designed to resolve conflicts, so it is highly unlikely that is the cause of various modules being unable to send.

    How busy is the bus? How many are being sent every second, and what is the baud rate? Each message is about 50 bits, so you can calculate what percentage of the time the bus is in use.

    Look at the bus waveform on a scope, and it it is constantly I use when it shouldn’t be, then none of the connected modules is sending an acknowledge pulse.