Unable to get canbus communication. ?

i have to setup Renesas Ra2L1 MCU to run on 40Kz frequency/data rate, i have setup the MCU using project perspective. but i am unable to communicate with master device. as per data sheet of master device i will get broadcast message (8 byte) at can id 0x00000001, 0x00000002, 0x00000003. i have configured my hardware with same can ID and baudrate, for verification i have attached configuration xml file, 

my problem is i am not receiving anything on my can receive handle, i  Also have 120E resistor on CAN bus. Also my code doesn't hang anywhere in runtime. to emulate master device i setup another hardware with RA2L1 MCU to mimic it, i was able to receive message from my hardware. but that doesn't solve my problem as i have to connect with master device to achieve full working.

is there any other thing that need to be setup for can bus? is there a way i can receive message irrespective of can id match? how do check for error like if it is baud rate error?

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