How to Read/Write to 24LC512 EEPROM using either R_IIC_MASTER or R_SCI_I2C drivers

How to Read/Write to 24LC512 EEPROM using either R_IIC_MASTER or R_SCI_I2C drivers? I am not sure where to put the address of the memory location I want to read/write from/to. I am using EK-RA4M1 kit with FSP 4.4. Do I have to write my own i2c driver for 24LC512 to be able to perform random read operation or write operation to specific memory address?

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  • If an error occurs, the event I2C_MASTER_EVENT_ABORTED will be returned. But if there are more than one sources that can cause an error, you will need to check some registers to determine that it was actually the NACK.

    By default TMOIE, ALIE, NAKIE, RIE and TIE are all enabled and rest disabled.

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