RA6M5 use 2 USB as HMSC and PMSC + PCDC ACM composite with Azure RTOS


I want to use both 2 physical ports, using AzureRTOS:

- one for HMSC (rd / wr files in a Flash Disk)

- one for connecting to a PC where is instatiated a virtual COM port (CDC) and is seen a removable drive, that is a microSD connected to EK-RA6M5.

I not found any example program that use both 2 ports, at same time for different function:

There are sample programs for Azure RTOS and Free RTOS, but for only one function at a time and only in one port.

There is also an example for Free RTOS for PMSC + PCDC ACM composite, that work only in one phisical port, but there isn't a similar managing as "composite" for Azure RTOS.

Where can I find some example / instructions / course / academy?