RA6M5 use 2 USB as HMSC and PMSC + PCDC ACM composite with Azure RTOS


I want to use both 2 physical ports, using AzureRTOS:

- one for HMSC (rd / wr files in a Flash Disk)

- one for connecting to a PC where is instatiated a virtual COM port (CDC) and is seen a removable drive, that is a microSD connected to EK-RA6M5.

I not found any example program that use both 2 ports, at same time for different function:

There are sample programs for Azure RTOS and Free RTOS, but for only one function at a time and only in one port.

There is also an example for Free RTOS for PMSC + PCDC ACM composite, that work only in one phisical port, but there isn't a similar managing as "composite" for Azure RTOS.

Where can I find some example / instructions / course / academy?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out Renesas Engineering Community!

    As far I can understand your issue is that you want to combine these examples in one project and all the examples for EK-RA6M5 are using HIGH speed USB.

    Unfortunattely there is not an example created which combines PMSC with PCDC in  one Azure RTOS project. But I have modified the already given example for PCDC_acm in order to work with J11 Full Speed USB board, in order to be able to use both USB ports available on the EK.

    Find bellow edited the project edited for USBFS.

    Please notice that in order to test this example you should do on EK-RA6M5 these hardware connections:

    1. Jumper J12 Connect pins 2-3.

    2. Jumper J15 closed.

    3. Connect micro USB cable to J11 which is USB Full Speed Port.

    4. Connect an other micro USB to J10 in order to be able to debug also.

    If you will run your project you should be able to recognize your Device in Device Manager as shown here:

    Also I would like to mention that in order to use USB full speed in the given project I have also modified the rm_usbx_pcdc_descriptor.c file in order to recognize the device from USB Full Speed Port.

    Also I would suggest to you to take a look on the official github repo of Renesas which has plenty of examples for all the evaluation kits. Here you can find examples for ek-ra6m5.

    ra-fsp-examples/example_projects/ek_ra6m5 at master · renesas/ra-fsp-examples · GitHub


    Hope it helps!

    Best Regards,


  • Hello,

    I made a lot of test/try, and I used both USB FS and USB HS for all the functions, but it works only a funcion at a time and only in one port at a time.

    I mean, if a use the FS port this works for all functions PCDC ADM, PMSC and HMSC (obviously chianging the jumpers), but I can't combine the 2 Peripheral functions (PCDC ACM and PMSC, as a composite function), and also I could not use the other USB port for any other function.

    Same result if I use the HS port: works for all the functions, but only one at a time, and I can't use the other port (the FS) for any other function.

  • Hello Guglielmo,

    Apologies for the delay! Let me inform you that r_usb_composite module to combine two different usb classes is supported only for bare metal and Free RTOS projects and not for Azure RTOS.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,


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