Difference of FSP 3.4 and 4.0

Hello, can someone tell me that why use FSP 3.4 config and the code can run well, and then use FSP 4.0 open the config , the code reports some wrong. Can higher version software not be compatible with lower version software? 

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  • Hello,

    I assume that your are using RA Smart Configurator for KEIL-IDE right? Have you opened the configurator and generated code for FSP version 4.0.0, because it seems that these errors are coming from terms that are declared in files that are generated with code generator.

    Thank you!

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  • Hello,
    Yes,FSP version  has updated to high version 4.0 from version 3.4.The problem i want to ask is why generate code for FSP version 4.0 will report error,in my opinion, version 4.0 should be compatible with the configuration of version 3.4 and should not generate errors. Otherwise, what is the point of upgrading to a higher version?