Example CK-RA6M5 using EK-RA6M5

Hi, Renesas.

I am working with CK-RA6M5,  FSP 4.4.0 and  Eclipse IDE.

I have seen that few sample to CK-RA6M5.

These boards CK-RAM5 and EKRA6M5 are differents.

Please, How does it "import" or "copy" sample EK-RA6M5 to CK-RA6M5?

What are the precautions for importing and copying sample EK-RA6M5 to CK-RA6M5?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for sharing your question with us!

    CK-RA6M5 and EK-RA6M5 are using the same MCU as mentioned in a previous thread you posted so normally you can import examples from EK-RA6M5 and then from FSP Configurator BSP you could choose CK-RA6M5, as shown in the picture bellow:

    But depending the project you want to use you should refer to the schematics and the readme me files, since maybe it will be necessary to change some pin configurations and connections, since EK-RA6M5 and CK-RA6M5  are different boards with different schematics.

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  • IK

    Thanks for yout information.

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