Sample USB

Hi, Renesas!

I am working with CK-RA6M5, FSP 4.4.0 and ECLIPSE IDE.

I would like your device to sample app (FSP 4.4.0 EK-RA6M5) about simple comunication USB. 

This is sameTX and RX UART into devices. 

Thanks for your attention!!!

Best regards,


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  • Hi, Renesas!

    Excuse-me, my question!

    I searched this problem.

    I needed to change in the "#ifdef BOARD_RA6M5_EK" to "BOARD_RA6M5_CK" .

    It is compiling now.

    But It running this project. It stoped in this line.

    Could you help me about it?

    Best regards,


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