Could not erase chip RA6M3G

Hello, @supporter.

I am working on an RA6M3G device.

I tried to erase the chip using J-Flash Lite V7.92c but was unsuccessful.

I used Jlink Commander V7.92c but still failed.

Here log: 

SEGGER J-Link Commander V7.92c (Compiled Aug 30 2023 15:00:03)
DLL version V7.92c, compiled Aug 30 2023 14:58:23

Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K.
Firmware: J-Link OB-S124 compiled Jun 20 2023 17:09:11
Hardware version: V1.00
J-Link uptime (since boot): 0d 00h 06m 55s
S/N: 831334275
USB speed mode: Full speed (12 MBit/s)

Type "connect" to establish a target connection, '?' for help
Please specify device / core. <Default>: R7FA6M3AH
Type '?' for selection dialog
Please specify target interface:
  J) JTAG (Default)
  S) SWD
  T) cJTAG
Specify target interface speed [kHz]. <Default>: 4000 kHz
Device "R7FA6M3AH" selected.

Connecting to target via SWD
InitTarget() start
Identifying target device...
SWD selected. Executing JTAG -> SWD switching sequence...
Initializing DAP...
DAP initialized successfully.
InitTarget() end - Took 11.2ms
Found SW-DP with ID 0x5BA02477
DPIDR: 0x5BA02477
CoreSight SoC-400 or earlier
Scanning AP map to find all available APs
AP[2]: Stopped AP scan as end of AP map has been reached
AP[0]: AHB-AP (IDR: 0x24770011)
AP[1]: APB-AP (IDR: 0x44770002)
Iterating through AP map to find AHB-AP to use
AP[0]: Core found
AP[0]: AHB-AP ROM base: 0xE00FF000
CPUID register: 0x410FC241. Implementer code: 0x41 (ARM)
Found Cortex-M4 r0p1, Little endian.
FPUnit: 6 code (BP) slots and 2 literal slots
CoreSight components:
ROMTbl[0] @ E00FF000
[0][0]: E000E000 CID B105E00D PID 000BB00C SCS-M7
[0][1]: E0001000 CID B105E00D PID 003BB002 DWT
[0][2]: E0002000 CID B105E00D PID 002BB003 FPB
[0][3]: E0000000 CID B105E00D PID 003BB001 ITM
[0][4]: E0040000 CID B105900D PID 000BB9A1 TPIU
[0][5]: E0041000 CID B105900D PID 000BB925 ETM
[0][6]: E0042000 CID B105900D PID 002BB908 CSTF
[0][7]: E0043000 CID B105900D PID 001BB961 TMC
[0][8]: E0044000 CID B105F00D PID 001BB101 TSG
Memory zones:
  Zone: "Default" Description: Default access mode
Cortex-M4 identified.
No address range specified, 'Erase Chip' will be executed
'erase': Performing implicit reset & halt of MCU.
Reset: Halt core after reset via DEMCR.VC_CORERESET.
Reset: Reset device via AIRCR.SYSRESETREQ.
T-bit of XPSR is 0 but should be 1. Changed to 1.
T-bit of XPSR is 0 but should be 1. Changed to 1.
Erasing device...
J-Link: Flash download: Only internal flash banks will be erased.
To enable erasing of other flash banks like QSPI or CFI, it needs to be enabled via "exec EnableEraseAllFlashBanks"

****** Error: Timeout while erasing sectors, RAMCode did not respond in time (PC = 0x1FFE040A, XPSR = 0x41000000, SP = 0x1FFE08C0)!
Failed to erase sectors.

J-Link: Flash download: Total time needed: 10.220s (Prepare: 0.161s, Compare: 0.000s, Erase: 10.006s, Program: 0.000s, Verify: 0.000s, Restore: 0.052s)
ERROR: Erase returned with error code -5.

Could you please help me check it and give me the solution?

Thank you.

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  • If you want to check what I mean, you can disconnect the connection between PC and board and supply 3.3V externally and try your connection because segger tool can not supply 3.3V. Did you try download any software with your connection before?