Hello. I want to perform ADC reading with the RA6T2 processor. Can you help me with what I'm missing in my settings? I want to read from PA00 and PA01 pins. Can you check it and get back to me? Thanks.Analogproject.rar

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  • Hello. Thank you for your return. It reads but it reads incorrectly. It also performs readings very slowly. It reads once every 1-2 seconds. I want him to read immediately when I want him to read. I will be able to read 100000 times per second. How can I achieve this? Can I increase reading speed? I was able to perform fast reading on RA2L1 processors. Why can't I do this?

  • Hello ylmaz,

    I attach a new project, where you can see adc readings for PA00, PA01.

    On the project, you will see a adc_cb callback, where I read the adc values, and toggle a LED. I send a screenshot, where you can see that the time interval for the readings using the function R_ADC_B_Read() is 1μs.

    The real time interval for ADC conversion without adding the running time for the read function code is 800ns, take a look below:

    Τhe maximum clock for ADC can be ADCLK = 60MHz

    Up to 6.25 Msps (0.16 μs per channel), according the user manual.

    You can configure the sample time and the clock configuration during FSP configuration.




  • Hello,

    Is there any update on this ? Did the last project help you?. If yes, please verify the answer to help other community members.