Swipe using GUIX on EK-RA6M3G

I am experimenting with the EK-RA6M3G using GUIX to proto-type screens and menus.  I would like to do something like swiping to drag a new screen up from the bottom of the current screen or down from the top of the current screen.  It seems like GUIX has some animation capabilities, but I am not sure if this would be the approach for the desired screen action.  I am also having trouble figuring out what events (and generating these events) that correspond to a swipe or drag type motion on the touch screen.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Hello Dirk,

    Thanks for reaching out to Renesas Community.

    I think your questions would be better answered by GUIX support, as they are not directly related to RA MCU.

    You can always take on a look on our example application using GUIX and RA6M3: