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After using RFP software to initialize the RA6M5 chip, I read the IDAU partition of the chip through Rea Flash Option, but I have a question. The maximum Flash Size of RA6M5 is only 2MB, why the Code Secure Size read is 16383KB, which is much larger than 2M, and the Data size,SRAM size is also the same problem。

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    Generally Renesas RA devices must have secure memory boundary settings programmed into the IDAU registers. This is done automatically while debugging in e2studio. However this can also be done manually by using for example Renesas Flash Programmer or Renesas Partition Manager.

    When building your project in e2studio a .rpd file is created in Debug folder of the project. This file is including the boundary information used by the debugger.

    You could parse this file, display the boundary settings and write the information for the boundary settings to the .rpj file of the project you created on Renesas Flash Programmer.

    Please check this knowledge base article it has  a python script which parses the .rpd file to do this .


    What are the information you have in this .rpd file in your project after building your project?

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