SVD errors and warnings for the RA8M1 MCU from cmsis pack.


I am trying to generate device memory structs etc. for the Renesas R7FA8M1AH MCU (Cortex-M85) in Rust. To do this, I use a tool named svd2rust, however this gives svd parsing errors when using the SVD file provided for this chip (found at (It complains about missing name fields among other things).

Upon inspecting the file, there are indeed several missing name fields ("<name />" lines).

To ensure that there aren't any bugs with this tool in particular, I tried to use the SVDConv tool in the CMSIS-Pack from ARM. This is an official tool for validating svd files, however this tool gives a total of 1546 Error and 7986 Warnings!

Am I doing something wrong here? is this svd file actually full of errors and warnings?

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