SHA256 calculation with FreeRTOS+MbedTLS


    I am trying to decrypt a message from a host that encrypts with SHA256.

   I use an example code from here   Mbed Crypto H/W Acceleration (rm_psa_crypto)  

   Then, I added MbedTLS (Crypto only) to the Ctrl Thread stacks panel, and some errors are shown below.

  What confused me  is the error about the heap that shows in the message "The heap size should be at least 0x200 under Th..........."  

  I have checked the heap size and the default value is 1024 (0x400). So, it's not less than 0x200.

  By the way, the error still shows and how can I fix this problem? Or Any example for FreeRTOS + MbedTLS ?  

This information may useful 
FSP 5.0.1
FreeRTOS V10.6.1


Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,

PS. The example code from github: example for mbed_crypto_ek_ra6m1_ep works fine but I would like to use FreeRTOS in my application.


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