What are the external memory types supported with RA8 Series MCUs

And can the RA8 Series MCU's support HyperFlash and HyperRAM devices?

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    RA8 Series MCUs support xSPI compliant Octal SPI (OSPI) interface with support for Execute-In-Place and Decryption-on-the-fly (DOTF). The OSPI interface is compliant with JEDEC standard JESD251 (Profile 1.0 and 2.0), JESD251-1 and JESD252.

    The RA8 Series is compatible with all flash devices that are JESD251 standard compliant and support both Octal Flash & Octal RAM and HyperFlash & HyperRAM devices that are compatible with the Infineon HyperBus specification. RA8 xSPI guarantees operation with JESD251 (xSPI for Non-Volatile Memory) compliant memory.

    The RA8 series MCUs have been tested and are confirmed to be compatible with these memory P/Ns.

      Supplier Part Number Compatible with RA8x1 [Y/N]
    Octal / Hyper RAM JSC JSC28SSU8AGDY  Y
    AP Memory APS6408L-3OC  In progress 
    ISSI IS66WVO8M8DALL/BLL In progress
    Cypress S27KL0641 Y
    Octal / Hyper Flash Infineon S28HS512TGABHI01 Y
    ISSI IS25LX032/64/128
    Macronix MX25LM51245G Y
    Macronix MX25UW51245G Y
    Cypress S26KL512S Y
    Micron (XccelaFlash) MT25QL128ABA
    Cypress S25FS512S Y
    Macronix MX25R1635F Y
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    This is to updated about APMemory OPI RAM validation done at our Lab based on EK-RA8M1

    64Mb OPI 3V BGA24, both Xccela (APS6408L-3OBM-BA) and OctaRAM (APS6408L-3OC-BA) protocol has been validated

    Overall available IoT RAM  (1.8V & 3V) covers 64Mb/128Mb/256Mb/512Mb OPI (11 pins, up to 200MHz) BGA24 & WLCSP, as well as 16Mb/64Mb/128Mb QSPI (SDR 6pins or DDR 7pins) in SOP8/USON8/WLCSP.