Hi Folks,

I'm a pretty new user so I have been working through tutorials and examples. However, I have run into a problem running the ZMOD4410_RA6M4_NonOS demo code. I can't seem to get any data through to the expressions window in e2 studio after rechecking my steps, multiple times, following the documentation.

I have already run up the similar HS400x_RA6M4_NonOS without any difficulty, so I know that I2C is working OK. My gut is telling me that there may be an I2C address mismatch in the code for the sensor (which would be unfortunate for a demo) but I was wondering if anyone familiar with this example had any suggestions of where this may be going wrong?


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  • Hi There. 

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't see any data at all when running the NonOS version of the demo. Real-time refresh was enabled. As I mentioned, the FreeRTOS version worked fine, showing credible data.

    I must admit, I have moved on from there to trying to combine both of these sensors on the same I2C bus and that is where I am stuck at the moment.

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