IEC 60730 Class B İnterrupt Control


I am working on IEC 60730 Class B safety standarts.

I checked safety library from renesas downloads page and downloaded an application note for ClassB and related test codes.

In the applcation note i couldnt find any test for interrupt control to check its functionality which is required in IEC60730-1 Table H. May be i missed something or misunderstand a chapter of the note. I assumed the test library covers all the class B requirements.

Can you please clarify me .

my target device is R7FA2L1AB3CFM.


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  • Hello Huseyin,

    We apologize for the delay on our response.

    Our sample software doesn’t include Interrupt and External communication safety program.

    We need to repair for our Web site.

    According to VDE comment, Interrupt specification will be decided by product maker.

    So, device maker decision interrupt safety software doesn’t make sense .

    Therefore, we don’t get certification of interrupt program.

    Thanks for your patience,


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