RFP doesn't work correctly in serial mode with EK-RA4M3

Hi all,

I've played a little with RFP v3.14 with my eval board EK-RA4M3. 

I wanted to check some communication over UART (by using J-Link on eval board). 

With baudrate 9600 everything is fine, I can read memory option bytes etc., but when I change to 115200 I cannot do anything and some error occurs:

I've checked communication with logic analyzer and I didn't find anything special, setting baudrate with command 0x34 looks exactly the same for 9600 like for 115200. With 9600 after ~118ms programmer continues communication, with 115200 there is no communication after 0x34 command. 

I've tried with different USB cables, different Windows (11 and 10 checked), I also upgraded J-link firmware to the newest one (from 12.2023).

I don't know what else I could check.

Also I don't know why only 9600 and 115200 speeds are supported if AN R01AN5372EU0110 (System Specifications for Standard Boot Firmware) indicates that we can set up to 2Mbit (Table 24).

If you have any idea what could be wrong or how I can fix it or show more, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,