RA6M5 GPT PWM not output

Hi , 


  1. The PWM demo on timer 3&4 are working as expected.



   status = R_GPT_Open(&g_timer4_ctrl, &g_timer4_cfg);

    status = R_GPT_Start(&g_timer4_ctrl);

    status = R_GPT_Open(&g_timer3_ctrl, &g_timer3_cfg);

    status = R_GPT_Start(&g_timer3_ctrl);

the PWM shows 50% duty cycle by default. 

2. Here is my issue, when I merged GPT PWM to my projector,  there is no PWM OUTPUTs at all.

I have checked all clock setting.

what could be wrong to stop GPT PWM?

I did see the registers had be set correctly. 

by the way, here is my project stacks


Qing He