Default Handler from xTaskIncrementTick()

Hi All!

I use FreeRTOS in my project mcu R7FA6E10F2CFP) and in specific moment in code in function xTaskIncrementTick() in line:

xItemValue = listGET_LIST_ITEM_VALUE( &( pxTCB->xStateListItem ) );

I get a Default Handler. Fault Status shows:


I increased size of main stack and heap, and stack size of each tasks - did not help.

unfortunately I cant show you code, I can say in one task in which this error occure I have a switch-case automat. (program for ICT machine)

Regards and thank for help!

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  • Hi! I increased main stack and heap from 0x400 to 0x2000 each. I have three tasks and they had stacks 2048, 1024, 1024. Issue with secure, non secure memory, trust zone, but I chosen flat configuration. Attach project?  Is possible to do this private? And result of investigation can be public of cource to help others.