Running Sx1261 Lora module on RE01-1500KB (RTK70E015DS00000BE Dev kit)

Hi there,

I was trying to run the sx1261 Lora module on the RE01-1500KB  devkit board.

 I found a sample code for RE01-256KB and tried to port it to the 1500 version.

First, I tried the change device button in the e2studio, which did not work and then tried to copy the related code of Lora I 256KB version to 1500KB version.

It seems that the Lora code is optimized for the 256KB version. The final code is compiling but still, the Lora module is not working and there are some differences in registries of RE01-1500KB and RE01-256KB.

Can anyone help me on this matter? 

My question is that is this module compatible with 1500KB and how I can port the code from the 256KB version.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


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