RL78 F12 (R5F109AAJ1745EM405) Debugging Voltage 2.1V VDD?

I have to debug the RL78 F12 with an Voltage of 2.1V VDD. I couldn't find anything about it in the documentation. Is it like the G10 that it needs over 4V to debug or an low voltage OCD Board? I tried to debug and couldn't get a connection to the E1 with less than 3.8V.

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  • Hi Frank,
    thank you for your help. It's good to know that it's possible. Unfortunately we didn't got it running with external Power Supply less than 3.8V.
    Our setup:
    external Vdd = 3.8V on Target and E1
    GND (E1 Pins 2,12,13)
    Reset (E1 Pins 10,13)(Resistor to Vdd and Capacitor to GND)
    Tool0 = E1 Pin 5 ( Resistor to Vdd)
    power of the E1 to "Target" and Low Voltage Detection = Off
    We get the error: Power off

    Best regards