Crypto and BLE


I saw RL78 does not feature hardware crypto. My question is : did you plan to add it one day as it seems the new RL78/G23 family still lacks it ?
It's a real deal breaker in a world where security is becoming critical, not to say mandatory almost everywhere. This forces many of us considering tiny 16bit MCUs only to jump into another solutions (PIC24 MCUs).

Would be very happy to see a crypto unit in your RL78 MCUs because they really rocks for everything else !

BLE 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 SoCs/Modules would be also nice to be part of your products.

Best Regards

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  • Yes, I heard about it. I already bought a dozen of DA14531MOD three weeks ago and they are promising.
    Using SmartSnippets, I browsed few examples and found they're almost all made for Keil V5. The problem is that Keil recently passed in version 6 and all examples are unable to get compiled from out of the box. Since I did not find a way to get back Keil V5 for free, experiments are now in standby mode...

    Frankly, it would be nice if we could get rid of Keil. I don't think Keil is a good choice when it's about ARM32. GCC is both powerful and flexible enough without the need to subscribe anywhere nor pay for previous versions.