RL78 - DIY programmer


I would like to ask if there is a possibility to program a RL78 family microcontroller (R5F100) without any Renesas programmer? Using some diy programmer or another housing method?

Thanks in advance.


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  • @Maxim, I've got the RL78 cross compiler built, built up DJs flash util, but am having a bit of a time getting your source to compile under OSX. I keep getting errors in serial.c from what looks like issues with one of the includes but can't seem to figure out which one it's missing.  I've added term.h to reference TCFLSH which seams to be giving me problems but still has issues.  which environment were you building it under on GCC?

  • Maxim Salov:

    I'd like to read-write RL78 / G13

    made to the hardware by your scheme

    I have to have the axis of software that can run rl78flash software in Win XP?

    thank you

  • You can use the hardware and software to write RL78/G13, but you cannot read the memory.
    In fact, there's no way you can read the memory, just compare a file with the memory data is possible.

    Thank you,