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e2 studio can't create RL78 new project

My E2Studio is Version: 2022-01 (22.1.0), I try to create new RL78 project,  When I choose device, there is no option for R5F10, so I choose R5F12 instead.

there is nothing display on the version blank for toolchains item, so I restart E2Studio.

But now, I can't view RL78 option ( Renesas RA still here. No Renesas RX, RL78). How to fix it?



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  • Hi JB,

    I update the E2 Studio, RL78 and RX device are included.

    I can view RA, RL78, RX first time when create new project.

    But when I restart E2 Studio, no RL78 and RX option, RA only.