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How to manipulate Data Flash memory without using data flash library?

Hello All,

I am working on Data Flash module for RL78/F13, R5F10BMG MCU. I am using e2 studio and GNU RL78 Compiler. I couldn't find much information about data flash, except enabling and disabling data flash access in the hardware manual RL78/F13, F14 User’s Manual: Hardware (R01UH0368E).  Where can I find information regarding reading, erasing and overwriting the contents of data flash memory? I want to create my own function for data flash memory manipulation.

  • I don't believe that the register interface to the flash is published.  There are three different low-level driver libraries available for the data-flash:  Standard (T01), Tiny (T02), and Pico (T04).  T01 and T02 offer a corresponding EEPROM emulation library (EEL).

    For frequently written data, it is recommended to use the EEL which provides wear-leveling and resistance against resets for data integrity.  Of course you can write your own EEL but the libs provided are highly optimized and were created by the experts who understand and implemented proper flow to ensure data integrity.

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