D78F0828A/B pin 2 pin compatible or 78K substitute


sorry my english, and my newbie questions please...

we still having a problem with one car painel, and have a lot of this comming to me to fix burning problems...

in this eletronic have one D78F0828A chip, and it is really hard to find documentations and tools,
the support of renessas tell me it is obsolete and all tools too...

but we really need or try read this (if is possible) and use the software to program a new of this....

or change this for a new model and make my own program to do all functions work again.

the software have many interactions but by my experience with this nothing exceptional, one LCD (8bits + controllers) and the pwm controls and digital/frequence inputs

if anyone should help me to start with renessas mcu and show, if have, local with pin2pin compatible devices we will be very tankful

sorry for distur comunity 

and thank you for your time

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