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Read Device id RL78 series MCU


I want to read the device id and part number

I have tried to read for R5F10NPLDFB MCU. it work with this MCU but other than it is not working like R5F10NPJ,R5F11TLG and R5F11TLE.

I want to read not only RL78/I1C, also want to read all other series.

please guide me if possible to read.

  • RFP can read the device signature, but cannot read the memory contents as no read command is supported with the serial programming mode.

    How are you trying to read, and what is "not working" with the problem devices?

  • hi JimB,

    I have tried below and now its work fine.

    ptr = (unsigned char __far*)0xEFFD5;
    for (x = 0; x < 10; x++)
    sig[x] = *ptr;


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