Flash Data Library T04 ( PicoFDL) issue


i would really appreciate any kind of help, i am work on RL78 G13 MCU (specially R5F100LE microcontroller). my program is meant to save some data when the low voltage detection interrupt is fired, i am using  Flash Data Library T04 ( PicoFDL) for writing and reading the data flash. all the reading and writing processes work fine and the error status return FDL_OK always. some thing i am confusing about is how to allocate the sections the Library needs (in both flash and ram (self-ram)), in my program i did not allocate any section in ram or flash and it works fine as saving in the flash and reading from it, but i always found that the uninitialized global variable (.bss) is corrupted while using the Flash Data Library T04 functions. so any one can help me with the define of these sections for CC-RL compiler and e2studio IDE or tell me what is the reason of the corrupted bss.